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5 Well-Being Challenges Faced by PhD Students

PhD thesis writing is a daunting and lengthy process, during which students are likely to encounter some problems that might affect their emotional, physical, or mental well-being. In this article, we have a look at some of the biggest challenges that PhD students face. Potential solutions to these issues are also presented.

1. Mental health issues

PhD students have to cope with considerable pressure posed by looming deadlines and a huge amount of personal investment. Because of considerable stress created by these challenges, PhD students are reported to have high levels of mental health issues, including depression, the feeling of isolation, insomnia, anxiety, and eating disorders. For this reason, decompression through meditation, communication with peers, arts, reading, or anything else is one of the most effective ways of how PhD students can maintain their mental well-being.

piggy bank

2. Funding

Since PhD takes at least three years, many students rely on external funding, which can become a source of concern. For example, the bank could reduce funding while still in the middle of the PhD programme, adding to a student’s stress level and increasing the risk of mental disorder. In this situation, approaching supervisors for advice is probably the best option you can take to find a solution. Still, having some financial resources on your bank account tied over in case of emergency would buy you some time to secure new funding.

3. Conflict with the supervisor

Finding a good supervisor is another challenge that many PhD students face when writing their theses. The point is that supervisors may not be properly engaged and involved in your study, resulting in poor support and participation. They can be frequently unavailable because of other research commitments or just because they don’t feel like you need their help. Some supervisors tend to be extremely bossy while ignoring their mentoring role, which could lead to serious disagreements. Moreover, if you have two or more supervisors, their feedback on the direction of your thesis could be conflicting. To deal with this situation, you could try to meet your supervisors more frequently or ask them to take a step back.

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4. Time management

Since writing a PhD thesis is a complex process that involves multiple tasks, there is always something to do to make your study closer to completion. That is why every academic, let alone a PhD student, must learn when to take advantage of new learning opportunities and when to say ‘no’ to an extra task. Moreover, many PhD students have plenty of commitments and responsibilities besides their PhD thesis, making it more challenging for them to allocate enough time in their day to fulfil the required tasks. Procrastination is another reason why some students experience certain issues with their time management. To deal with these issues, ‘outsourcing’ tasks to PhD writing services could be a good idea.

5. Work-life balance

This challenge is closely linked to the challenge of time management since a student’s inability to complete their tasks in time often leads to working late, leaving less time for family, friends, and hobbies. Again, using PhD services could reduce the negative impact of an incredibly lop-sided schedule on students and help them enjoy a healthy social life instead of working on their PhD thesis every evening or weekend. In the end, feeling happy and enjoying writing your PhD is key to success so it should be valued.

The challenges above could significantly affect the quality of your work and hamper the successful completion of your PhD thesis. Luckily, they are nothing out of ordinary and, hence, they could be easily dealt with to provide you with some comfort and motivation.