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How to write a strong introduction for PhD Thesis

The introduction chapter is one of the most important parts of your thesis after choosing the right topic. This is because this chapter creates a base for you to build upon. Further, this chapter introduces the topic to the readers in a manner that they are able to get an idea of what is to come. The introduction chapter is also important in terms of justifying your research and formulating your research questions. But not all students are able to write an introduction chapter that is strong and convincing. So, here are a few tips that will help you in writing a strong introduction for your PhD thesis:

Introduce your topic sufficiently

A lot of students make the mistake of not building the background to the topic in an appropriate manner. The best strategy is to begin with information regarding the topic and then build up towards the main statement. This helps the readers in getting a grip on the topic and also allows them to understand the context in which the study is being conducted. Further, if the topic is concentrated on a particular country or region, it is always a good practice to discuss the latest developments in that area. This also helps in providing a better context to the readers.

Describe your rationale

Once you have introduced the topic and built a background, it becomes important to describe the reasons behind undertaking the research. If you are able to provide a compelling rationale, you will be able to engage your readers in a better manner. Further, you should also formulate a set of aims and objectives for your study. These aims and objectives need to be answered by means of your research question. It is advisable to create around 4 to 5 aims and objectives so that your thesis can capture the various elements of the topic.

Justify your research

Another important aspect of the introduction chapter is to justify your research. This can be done by means of understanding the gaps in the existing literature. Furthermore, it is important to state the contribution that your thesis will make to the particular field of study. You could also focus on the existing work and try to understand how you could take those studies one step further. By providing a convincing justification for your PhD research, you are able to grasp the attention of your readers for the next few chapters.

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