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10 Best Ways to De-stress and Take Time Away From Research

As university students are continuously surrounded by tight deadlines and great expectations, they are likely to be stressed. While conducting in-depth research before dissertation writing or any academic writing can cause some kind of stress on students, taking a significant amount of stress can take a toll on health, diet and sleep patterns. Stress often causes students to lose focus and ultimately affects their productivity and grades. If you are going through a stressful situation and need some time away from your research, here are the 10 best ways which can help you to de-stress.


To cope up with their coursework, exam notes preparation and assignment writing, students often neglect their sleep schedule. This sleep-deprived state can reduce your efficiency and you might find it difficult to focus on your research. Ensure that you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in addition to small power naps when required. 


Indulge yourself in some kind of exercise to stay healthy and de-stress yourself. Whether it working out in the gym or doing yoga, regular exercise will boost your spirits and clear your head.

Get some fresh air

Get a fresh supply of oxygen to keep your stress level down. Go for a morning walk or use your bicycle to go to the university to get the fresh dose of air.

Listen to Music

Listening to your favourite music has many cognitive benefits on the human mind. Music will not only act as a great stress reliever but also will help you calm down and stimulate your mind. Whether you prefer slow melodies, classical music or upbeat music, play it and immediately relieve yourself from stress.

Watch a movie

To regain your focus back on the research, it is ok to take some time off to chill and unwind. Relaxing is a great way to improve concentration and reduce the movement of stress hormones. So, plug-in your favourite movie and enjoy the moment.


Experts believe that dancing boosts self-esteem and improves psychological well-being. It is one of the fun ways to jump around and let yourself loose. Play the music in your room and dance around to your heart’s content before heading back to your research.


Laughter is indeed the best medicine. As laughing increases blood flow and oxygen, it decreases stress and makes us feel better. Read some jokes or watch your favourite comedy shows to give you a hearty laugh.

Take a bath/shower

Apart from cleaning ourselves, taking a bath or a shower is a great way to relax and de-stress. Just step in the bathroom and let the hot water rinse away all your stress. A quick shower or bath will also make you feel refreshed and give you instant energy to continue your research.

Get organised

To sweep away the stress, try to organise and clean your room or study table. These everyday activities work well for relieving stress and will make you more mindful. 

Treat yourself

Pamper yourself with your favourite food or simply go out for a cup of coffee to feel more relaxed. After all, after putting so many efforts into research, you deserve a reward.

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