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PhD Dissertation Methodology Writing Service

One of the most complex parts of writing a PhD dissertation is writing an entire chapter on methodology. Generally, the methodology is a set of methods and approaches that researchers will use to undertake an analysis in a PhD thesis. Methods used by researchers are broadly divided into qualitative or quantitative research methods; however, the methodology chapter must clearly explain specific methods rather than their broad categories. This is what makes this chapter challenging for PhD students. Students usually find the methodology section as the most confusing part of a dissertation and at times get overwhelmed due to the number of methods that can be applied to find a solution to a problem raised in the thesis. Pursuing a PhD is itself the most challenging task of a student’s life. With the final thesis playing a great role in achieving a PhD degree, writing an effective methodology will determine how the analysis will be conducted and how results will be attained.


Professional PhD Methodology Writing Services

What to include in a PhD dissertation methodology?

A good methodology is one which succeeds in establishing a strong relationship between the research question, the theories, and controversies highlighted in the PhD literature review and the ways by which the student wishes to find convincing evidence in their original data analysis. Thus, a methodology chapter should include the following:

  • The methodology should be impeccably linked to the academic basics, methods, theories, recent developments and arguments in the subject area mentioned in the literature section.
  • An outline of the research question and hypothesis should be included in the introduction part of the methodology. This demonstrates the ability of the methodology to answer the key questions of the research.
  • The main part of the methodology chapter is the description of the techniques and methods used. Here, students can clearly explain the processes used for the collection and analysis of data and for approaching the research question. This should be explained in a clear and detailed manner for readers to understand easily. Moreover, the choice of methods must be justified.
  • A methodology chapter is not limited to the description of various methods used. An ideal methodology chapter discusses the reasons behind selecting a method and the reasons why the researcher feels the selected method will yield the desired results. It must also include the perspective of the researcher behind data analysis and its final assumptions.
  • In addition to the background, the researcher must also discuss the limitations of the methods used in an unbiased manner. As no research is perfect, honestly mentioning the limitations of the methods used and justifying the advantages of using these methods for the research will help students gain the attention of the readers.


How can we help?

A PhD dissertation is expected to be original and of superior quality in its research field. It should be able to make a significant contribution and should be presentable. As most of the PhD students are already burdened with an infinite number of tasks while growing in their personal and professional lives, the lack of time can have a substantial impact on writing the methodology for a PhD dissertation. Regardless of what discipline you study, we can help you in writing a quality methodology chapter for a PhD dissertation.

The experienced team of PhD writers will assist you in producing either your complete PhD dissertation or standalone parts of your dissertation such as methodology. This team consists of highly qualified writers from different specialisations and rigorous industry experience. We provide all our clients with high-quality PhD dissertation methodologies which are completed with accurate methods and justification. Whether you want a qualitative or quantitative or a mixed research approach, with our dissertation methodology writing help we will help you by developing a customised and comprehensive research methodology suitable for your PhD dissertation.