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PhD Dissertation Conclusion Writing Service

Even if your analysis was sophisticated and strong, you will never complete your PhD thesis successfully without a powerful conclusion chapter. The purpose of the concluding chapter is to help the reader get a better understanding of why your doctorate project should matter to them and how it contributes to the body of literature. However, writing a PhD dissertation conclusion can be quite a difficult task. Many students struggle to find something useful and interesting to say about their study in the conclusion. We have prepared a set of easy recommendations and tips that can help you write a PhD dissertation conclusion and make it catchy and interesting to read.


Write a brief summary

Your PhD dissertation conclusion gives you a chance to leave a lasting impression. So, it is important to provide a brief summary of the key points of your thesis in the introduction section of the concluding chapter. This will refresh the reader’s memory about the study and make it easier for them to understand the final conclusions.


Discuss the results and their significance

You should consider the conclusion chapter of your PhD thesis as an opportunity to succinctly answer the main question that any reader keeps asking themselves when reading an academic paper, namely ‘So what?’. Demonstrate how your project might change the view on the selected topic. Always compare and contrast your findings with those of previous researchers. But make sure to keep your discussion neutral and unbiased to produce a high-quality conclusion.


Contributions to knowledge

Unlike Bachelors and Masters' works, contributions to knowledge are quite common in the PhD domain. The key contribution of your study to existing knowledge is most likely to be drawn from your empirical findings. Any PhD-level thesis should contribute to research and your aim as a researcher is to tell the reader what makes your particular doctorate project unique. Place your study in the context and explain how it advances past research on your topic.


Give recommendations

While your study may significantly add to the existing body of literature and knowledge, you should remember that there is always something new to research. Thus, you need to offer the reader a piece of advice on what should happen next. There are two types of recommendations you might want to consider. On the one hand, you should provide recommendations, which are specific to the findings of your doctorate thesis. On the other hand, it is important to provide recommendations for future research as any project, including your own, is not perfect and has limitations. It is always useful to link your recommendations to previous conclusions to make your PhD dissertation a complete and comprehensive package.


Don’t present new information in the conclusion chapter

Since the conclusion is a part of your PhD thesis where you summarise your findings and thoughts, there is no place for any new information in this chapter. Don’t present any new facts in the conclusion as they may confuse the reader. Your professor will also notice this and will deduct marks from your project.


Remember that writing a PhD dissertation conclusion is your last opportunity to highlight the most important things and tell the reader what you want them to remember. Writing a good concluding chapter is a challenging task but it is a rewarding experience. If you are looking for assistance in writing your dissertation conclusion, our PhD dissertation writing service will gladly help you. As professional academics, the team of specialists know exactly what a high-quality conclusion of a doctorate thesis should look like. If you have any questions about our services, get in touch today and we will promptly answer them.

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