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PhD Literature Review Writing Service

A PhD dissertation literature review is a critical review of the existing theories and contributions of other scholars on a particular subject. Rather than trying to discover new information or knowledge, a literature review is mostly based on secondary sources and focuses on the existing information. A purpose of a literature review at the PhD level is to uncover gaps in the available knowledge and show how the thesis will make a contribution. A well written literature review will assist the researcher in creating a suitable methodology for undertaking an original analysis. This is because the ideas and approaches used by previous scholars can be extended and augmented by PhD candidates.

Writing a literature review for a PhD dissertation can be a painstaking job. A student must be able to filter out information, divide the available knowledge and theories into categories and logically link them with empirical evidence. Preparing an excellent PhD dissertation literature review thus involves the following:

  • Finding accurate, reliable and recent material on the chosen subject.
  • Understanding and interpreting the main points of the literature.
  • Summarising the key ideas, concepts and theories in very structured manner.
  • Discussing and evaluating these ideas, concepts and theories making own contribution.
  • Identifying controversial areas and areas of debate.
  • Preparing a base for the implementation of traditional ideas to new research.


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Difficulties students encounter while writing a literature review for a PhD dissertation

Writing a literature review for a PhD dissertation can be a tiring task. Students need to spend hours collecting accurate and relevant information and writing precisely about the chosen topic and keeping the focus. It involves a lot of skills such as assessment of the existing literature, deconstruction of the recent arguments to identify gaps, critically reviewing various methodologies used by previous researchers in the field and logically linking all information. Most of the students who are not aware of these skills fail to write a convincing literature review.


How can we help?

We are one of the leading academic writing service providers. Known for our superior quality of work and years of experience in the industry, we have helped a great number of students to complete their PhD thesis or parts of it. Knowing the importance that a literature review holds in a PhD dissertation, the expert team of writers enable us to offer bespoke PhD writing services in many academic disciplines. All of the writers are highly qualified and have the required expertise in writing excellent literature reviews for PhD dissertations.

The expert writers can assist you with different types of literature reviews such as:

  • Traditional or narrative – Where the researches provide a broad overview of the research topic with the help of a subjective summary of observations from the theoretical or contextual point of view.
  • Systematic – For a systematic literature review, the writer provides a detailed summary of the existing literature applicable to the research question by identifying and critically analysing different sources and evaluating methodological approach.
  • Meta-analysis – The writer uses statistical methods to review the consequences of quantitative systematic literature reviews.
  • Meta-synthesis – The writer integrates the results from various interrelated qualitative studies and traditional literature reviews to interpret the information on the chosen subject.

When clients fail to understand the significance of a literature review, the writers help them by offering professional services from scratch. If you are in need of help for writing a literature review for a PhD proposal or even a PhD dissertation, regardless of the complexity of work, we are readily available to help you with our expertise, knowledge and professional team of writers.

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