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PhD Dissertation Introduction Writing

As a doctoral student, there might be times when you will face challenging situations to complete your PhD dissertation. Any PhD dissertation is incomplete without a proper introduction, and the role of the latter cannot be underestimated. This chapter creates the first impression of your PhD dissertation. Writing a PhD dissertation introduction can at times be tiring as it takes up a lot of time in researching and writing. However, as an introduction will be the opening part of your thesis, it has to be captivating enough not only to gain the attention of the readers but also to keep them hooked till the very end of your dissertation. This chapter must also emphasise the relevance and importance of your topic.

How to write an interesting and highly intellectual PhD dissertation introduction

Check out our below tips that can help you master the art of writing an extraordinary PhD dissertation introduction.

  • Select an appealing topic for your dissertation. Start the introduction paragraph with a captivating sentence which immediately gains the attention of the readers.
  • Further, tell your readers about your chosen subject or topic. Provide a background of your topic followed by establishing the limits and boundaries of your study. Define proper terms and scope of your dissertation.
  • A good PhD dissertation introduction is recognised with its accurate definitions and appropriate use of data. So, make sure to use data from reliable sources and properly cite all the information using relevant references.
  • Create a niche for your study to explain the readers about the importance your topic holds in the particular subject. Keep readers intertwined by giving them a brief about how your study is different than other studies in the same area.
  • Introduce your readers to the research questions and problem statements relevant to the subject. Make use of bullet points to state your objectives and keep the paper organised.
  • An excellent introduction will provide solid justification for why your PhD research topic is important and why it is original.
  • Preparing an outline of the introduction before you start writing will help you in arranging all the information collected during the time of research. Don’t forget, write the introduction chapter after the other chapters have already been completed. This will leave you with a lot of information to write on and your thesis will be logically linked together.
  • Give special attention to uncommon facts and introduce them to your readers.
  • Do not forget to proofread your dissertation paper.

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