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When you are a PhD student, you need to balance out your academic and social life while trying to carry out all of your other duties and obligations. You are bombarded with academic assignments, each of which requiring much time to accomplish. Reports are especially time-consuming pieces of academic writing, as they require a lot of preparation, knowledge, and individual investigation. This is where our report writing service can come in handy. We offer the best quality in the industry as our reports are written only by PhD-educated academics and our customer service team will provide you with assistance through every step of the process.


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As professional PhD academics, the supervisors we use are not motivated by money. They have already built up successful careers in such fields as economics, marketing, business, and management, so money is not a priority for them. What drives them is their intention to assist PhD students in their academic journey and contribute to their knowledge and understanding. We are dedicated to the highest quality standards so all our reports are written from scratch to make them plagiarism free. By ordering a customer report service from us, you get a report that is fully in keeping with your requirements and instructions. We also provide a 1 month free amendments period for all our works.


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If you are interested in our custom report writing service, you can place an order on our website using our order form. All you need to do is to tell us the basics of your report, including its word count, referencing system, and the deadline you need your order back by. When all the details are provided and agreed, we will pass your order to a qualified PhD-educated supervisor who has expertise in your field. Once the supervisor gets started, we will keep you informed throughout the process and you will be able to ask your supervisor any question.

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The main purpose of any PhD report is to conduct an investigation into a particular research issue and clearly communicate its outcomes to a certain audience. PhD-level reports have a much more complex and elaborated structure as compared to essays. However, in some disciplines, the difference between reports and essays can be blurred. This phenomenon is especially apparent at the doctorate level due to the complexity as well as the scale and scope of academic papers. Nonetheless, there are still some characteristics that distinguish reports from essays. We have prepared a set of tips that will help you write a high-quality PhD-level report.


Research aim and structure

To keep your doctorate report focused, you should know exactly what it is about. Examine all the details about the report and decide what particular information and data it should contain. Take your time structuring your PhD-level report by making sure all the required aspects and content points are covered in its structure. Remember that changing the structure at later stages would bring significant changes to the report, limiting your chances to successfully deliver it on time.


Information search

You should access the most recent sources of information and data, such as books, empirical articles, databases, official statistics, and industry reports in your field. Remember that the information and data you obtain must be reliable and credible to make sure your findings can be trusted.


Data analysis

Analysing data in PhD reports requires much more knowledge and experience than performing data analysis at Bachelors or even Masters’ level. Make sure you analyse the collected data as thoroughly and precisely as possible. You can use a range of graphical and statistical instruments for this purpose. At the same time, don’t overstate your findings as it may negatively affect your final grade. Be objective, critical, and to the point in presenting and discussing the analysis outcomes.


Provide recommendations

Producing and discussing the analysis findings is not enough to deliver a high-quality PhD-level report. You also need to provide your audience with practical recommendations as how to tackle the research problem based on your analysis outcomes. Make sure your recommendations are detailed enough so the reader could easily understand what actions to take and how they would affect the report stakeholders.


Editing and Proofreading

To ensure your report meets the standards of PhD writing, you need to carefully proofread and edit it. Editing is a crucial aspect of completing a PhD-level report as it allows for identifying and eliminating all potential threats to its quality. Remember that surpassing the proofreading and editing phase will cost you marks, especially at the PhD level. Hence, give close attention to editing your work before making a final submission.


These tips for writing a PhD-level report have been proven effective by many students and academics. By following these guidelines, you can deliver a high-quality report of a PhD level and make sure it provides the audience with highly relevant recommendations. However, if you are looking for assistance in this task, we can help you. We are a group of professional PhD-educated supervisors and we can provide you with any kind of assistance and advice on your task.


We offer a range of services, including PhD custom writing. By using our services, you will be provided with helpful guidance from a professional academic who holds a PhD degree and has considerable experience in your subject. While each order includes all of our guarantees, we promise that your paper will be delivered on time and will be free from any plagiarism.