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PhD Thesis Writing Tips

Writing a PhD thesis is the culmination of a student’s academic life. So, it is important to take all the necessary steps to swing the examiners’ decision and get a high mark. But writing a good PhD thesis can be both stressful and challenging at times. The good news is that you do not have to struggle since you can rely on the experience of those who have already successfully accomplished this challenging yet rewarding task. We have collected a set of tips and guidelines for PhD dissertation writing that can help you make the writing process smoother and increase your chances of success.


1. Dealing with stress

Stress can become a serious obstacle to writing a good PhD thesis. Thus, it is imperative to eliminate the sources of stress and make sure you tackle research issues in a relaxed and calm manner. If you feel exhausted or stressed, you can take a walk to get yourself in the right frame and ‘recharge’ your mind. Disturbance can become a source of stress as well so you might consider switching your phone off for the time of writing. You might also want to minimise your social media activity as it can become a major source of distraction and stress when it comes to writing a doctorate dissertation.


2. Write the introduction and conclusion chapters last

Many professors and tutors consider this tip as a rule of thumb. This is because you won’t be able to provide the reader with a rough guide to the complete thesis until you actually complete it. By writing the introduction chapter and the concluding chapters together, you can tie up the dissertation together. So, it is reasonable to save the introduction and conclusion for the end. It would also be helpful not to write in chronological order. Work on each remaining chapter while it is fresh in your mind. However, don’t forget to revisit the written parts from time to time to make them consistent and coherent.


3. Stick to your university’s standards and style of references

Since most universities have a preferred format and referencing style, you need to know what this style is and closely follow it. You should also double-check if the papers cited in the text body of the thesis appear in the bibliography or reference list and vice versa. Remember that managing your bibliography may be a complex and lengthy process, so don’t leave it to the last moment.


4. Keep your writing to the point

You should remember that writing a doctorate thesis is not a race to the highest word count. Far from that, you should keep your dissertation as succinct as possible by avoiding repetitions and making sure each word adds value to your work.


5. Read, reread, and proofread

Another golden rule in the academic world is that correcting errors and editing your PhD thesis is not optional. Not only spelling and grammar mistakes make it hard for reading but also influence the quality of your work as well as the final grade in a negative way. Thus, it is really important to read and reread your thesis for at least three times to make sure it is free from any typo, spelling error, or odd word.


These five simple tips for writing a PhD thesis can make your writing clear and mistake-free. However, if you believe you need expert PhD assistance, we can help you. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a PhD-educated supervisor who will assist and guide you through this process.

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