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Reasons for Losing Motivation, and How To Get it Back!

Motivation holds a significant part in our everyday lives. It is an essential requirement to boost one’s happiness, creativity and productivity. Not only students but people from different forms of loves need to stay motivated to prosper in any activity they choose.

Since university brings a life-changing experience for most of the students where they are continuously expected to match up with the peers and execute a wide range of tasks, students are mostly on the brim to get demotivated. This demotivation is generally reflected in their routine tasks such as exam notes preparation or assignment writing. While students can seek help with coursework, lifting their spirits is important to bring students back to the track.

If you have been experiencing any sort of de-motivation, here is a complete guide to explain the reasons of losing motivation and ways to get it back.


Feeling afraid before dissertation writing, appearing for an examination or raising a question in the lecture can make you hesitant. Although fears can make you watchful, imaginary fears might make you lack motivation. To overcome this, try to analyse the things that make you afraid and search for the loopholes you need to fill. Make your strategies to manage any risks and plan for everything in advance.

Setting the wrong goals

Many times due to peer pressure, students set up the wrong goals. As these goals are set to fulfil the social expectations, these goals pull students away from the direction in which one wants to go. If you feel demotivated to achieve your goals, then keep on reviewing your goals from time to time. Start by setting small goals and then set your ultimate goal. Once you start feeling happy about accomplishing a small goal, you will be automatically motivated towards achieving the big goal.

Lack of challenge

Challenging situations are important in life to keep us continuously moving, growing and learning new skills. Lack of challenge or very small challenges makes us bored and eventually leads to demotivation. To challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and try to get into activities which will enhance your life skills and stimulate yourself.


Lack of happiness is another major cause of demotivation. Unhappiness leads to self-doubt, confusion, feeling lost, mistrust and at times depression. To overcome unhappiness, do things which make you feel happy. Get adequate sleep, food and exercise or express your feelings with family and friends. Spend time with people you love or take a walk in the fresh air. The more you accept both happy and sorrow feelings, the more you will feel normal and safe.


To excel in your university examinations, you do not have to isolate yourself from family and friends. After a certain time, just sitting alone and working towards your coursework will make you feel miserable. Rather, spend some quality time with your family or play a sport with your friends or just go to the library and discuss your academic assignment writing with your classmates. Establishing communication and meeting new people will help you get out from the isolated zone and will even make you feel more productive.

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