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Dealing With Stress and Anxiety as a PhD Student

Pursuing a PhD can be both interesting and overwhelming. In the beginning, a majority of the PhD students feel energised to conduct extra-ordinary research and submit a PhD research proposal which is unique and innovative. However, with time the task to balance both personal and academic life becomes difficult. As a result, the students try to isolate themselves to focus on their PhD thesis writing. This isolation often makes students stressed and anxious and even leads them to confusion. So, before you try to isolate yourself to introduce the whole mankind to cutting-edge research, read the below tips which will help you to deal with stress and anxiety as a research student.

Be organised

One of the major sources of stress is the inability to control a situation. As PhD proposal writing or PhD dissertation writing are inevitable parts of a PhD academic life, try to manage your time wisely. To keep control over the deadlines, ensure that you do not leave any academic writing task for the last minute. Experts suggest that breaking a major task into smaller goals is the best way to remain organised and stay on top of your PhD work.

Identify and address your dysfunctional emotions

As a number of thoughts run through a PhD student’s mind, to retain the health of your emotions it is important to stay away from any irrational thoughts. Identifying your dysfunctional feelings is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety. Instead of procrastinating your work due to irrational feelings or feeling embarrassed about your research related problems, try to get professional PhD thesis help. Professional help with PhD thesis writing will guide you in completing your work which might otherwise get affected due to negative feelings.

Be mindful

Being mindful means paying more attention to yourself and your surroundings. This is one of the proven methods of reducing the stress level as the people who practice mindfulness can easily notice any early signs of stress. It is also the best way to reduce any kind of distress in students during examination periods. To practice mindfulness, just sit quietly and pay attention to your body and surroundings. Do some breathing exercises to relax and reduce any negative thoughts.


The PhD students need to spend hours either standing for conducting a research or continuously sitting for reading and writing PhD dissertation. This adds to the physical and mental stress which you might go through. Taking part in any exercise such as walking, running, aerobics or swimming before starting your PhD work will help you improve your mental and physical health.

Look after yourself

Stress and anxiety can either lead to developing habits such as poor eating, emotional eating, drinking or smoking. Although these habits might reduce your stress temporarily, when continued for a long time, these habits can affect your body and immune system. So, be watchful and never fall prey to any habits which might lead you to nowhere. Additionally, get enough sleep to charge yourself up before doing any intellectual activity.

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